Size Chart for Magic Clothing Rental Store

Below is general sizing for all dress and clothing we carry. If you're unsure about a size or need some help, feel free to contact us. We're happy to consult with you and make sure you're getting the best fit!


More important, our dress is based on the Height of your little one, please according to Height to choose the size. 

1. Dress Size for Girls (4Years - 16Ywars)

2. Dress Size for Baby Girls (0Months - 3 Years)

3. Suit Size for Boy (4 Years - 16 Years)

4. Suit Size for Baby Boy (0Months - 3 Years)

5. Shoe Size for Girls/Boys (3 Years - 16 Years)

6. Shoe Size for Toddler Girls/Boys (1 Years - 3 Years)

7. Shoe Size for  Baby Girls/Boys (0Months - 3 Years)